Oakseer Dev Diary: Part 3 - Public release 1.0

Oakseer - Thu, 10 Feb 2022 02:54:52 GMT

Much of the last week has been spent letting internal playtesters find issues, and fixing them. Sometimes these have been nice quick little fixes that don't touch any systems and are barely a whisper on source control. Others have needed extensions to APIs, custom code, and ugly little hacks. But here we are: 1.0!

This first release is primarily about the forest section and holds the rest of the content back while it is being tested. Updates will be released shortly which update the game with the additional content. For now, the Green Sigil is yours to find, and who is this nasty Syxxar you keep hearing about? Not to worry, there are friendly folk to meet also!

As always, if you find bugs or have feedback pop in and say hi on The Punk Collective Discord Server (<-- invite).

Good luck, druids!