Gardens: Getting Started

Gardens - Sat, 11 Jun 2022 13:08:35 GMT

I'm working on a new game. Sometimes.

It's called Gardens - it's a puzzle game where you move rows and columns of garden-ey emojis around in order to do stuff. Things like flowers, trees, water, and weather. There's some rules that say what should happen when say, water is next to a flower, or fire is next to a tree. Your goal will be given to you: grow a particular crop or make a particular pattern. How many moves does it take you? It could be one of those daily games...

In any case, we need a board and some emoji sprites. I hunted some down as stand-in sprites and threw them in a randomly picked grid - just for testing.

The next step was to allow the player to grab a row or column and move it: this depends on which direction the player moves after their initial click/touch: horizontal and it's a row, vertical and it's a column.

Gardens: Moving stuff

Lining up the trees!

And for now, that's all we really have. You can grab rows and columns as much as you like. It doesn't count your moves or anything, and nothing happens when you move the items. There are meant to be rules that say 'more flowers should grow' or 'bees should move in' or 'caterpillars ate your corn'. But we don't have those yet.

Next time!