Diary of a Game: Day 3

Gravitas - Fri, 03 Sep 2021 14:07:44 GMT

Starting to get into a rhythm. Worked on the starter kit throughout the day. Might not seem like a huge amount of progress, but, importantly, I am taking my time to get the foundations rock solid before I start experimenting with gameplay.

Today I achieved the following:

All of this has been pushed up to v0.3.0 of the StarterKit, so take a look!

My plans for the weekend are to get a spaceship rendering on the game screen, and to control it with the Chipmunk2D physic engine. I also want to implement a proper pause mose (which BLaTTiX never had), and debug rendering of physics objects, which will be essential when fleshing out Gravitas. Finally, I want to make Nuklear responsive to keyboard and controller input, as it is currently mouse only.

And, time permitting, I’ll fire up an Amiga emulator and play a few rounds of Gravity Force with my son :)